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3×45 for Between the Lines#4

by Gisbert Schürig These are three tracks of live electronic music I improvised for Elma Riza´s performance ‘Between the Lines#4’. Recorded live Feb 21st 2015 ACUD Galerie, Berlin Use speakers or headphones, you won´t hear much with your laptop boxes, especially in the beginning. That software setup of Ableton live I used here was very    […]

Electronic Music for Whirling

by Gisbert Schürig I improvised these two tracks live at Naïma Ferré´s Whirling Atelier last saturday. While the first was accompanying the first try to dive into the whirl during that session, the second one was a nonstop one hour ride of whirling and it was great fun to develope that music while the dancers    […]

Music for Carte Blanche/Between the Lines#4

by Gisbert Schürig Improvised electronic music for the performance ‘Between the Lines#4’ by Elma Riza, performed and recorded Feb/8/2015 at Carte Blanche series, curated by Naima Ferré. I performed both tracks using Ableton live, utilizing modified max for live devices recurring to ideas of the minimal improvisation process (if you can read german, see also    […]