Next to electronics, vocal sounds are very prominent in our musical work. This may range from noises to soft falsetto. Gisbert Sch├╝rig uses techniques of throat singing, most often the Kargyraa and khoomi voice traditionally sung in Tuva and Mongolia. Also, the overtone singing techniques that where first discovered in Europe by avantgarde musicians in the 1960s are part of his vocal vocabulary. He teaches both at Global Music School.
Jennie Zimmermann┬┤s vocal approach is strongly influenced by the ideas and practices of the Roy Hart Theatre.

We are very interested in the elasticity and ambiguity of the voice, not being bound to a particular tuning system or scales but also very much in contact with the physicality of the body. These qualities are the reason for the central role of vocalized sounds in our approach to collective improvisational processes, Minimal Improvisation.



Overtone Singing: Pygmy Melody
Overtone Etude Score
Overtone Etude
Singing Overtone Arpeggios
Chordal structures in the overtone scale
Some thoughts on music aesthetics and overtone singing
Overtone & throat singing video