Contact Improvisation is spontanuous physical dialogue.
It plays with principles like falling, rolling, sliding, weight exchange and being in and out of balance. These principles govern the relationship of moving bodies into dance.
Contact Improvisation invites you to listen and see with body and mind.

Contact Improvisation is often practised without music. Due to the fact that music has a strong impact on the dance, we like to create music for CI that opens up into a dialogue between movers and musicians. Playing sounds in a frame where there is no necessity of music is a fragile task allowing silence, playfulness and spontaneity.

Jennie Zimmermann is a devoted practioner and teacher of CI herself, enriching her musical performance with her own physical experiences as a dancer.



Pfingst Jam Potsdam 2015 Flyer
Impressions from Inesperadamente Festival
cmc G├Âttingen 22.-28. Aug 2015
Pfingst Jam Potsdam 22.-25. Mai 2015
S├╝dstern Jam Berlin 31. Okt 2014