Jennie studied bodywork and traditional healing methods in Berlin.
With curiosity she is involved in movement and dance, voice and sound work – especially in the field of improvisation.

Her work has been enriched and inspired by different people and teachers: Jörg Hassmann and Daniel Werner, Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas, Nita Little (Contact Improvisation), Frey Faust (Dance/Axis Syllabus), Walli Höfinger and Christiane Hommelsheim, Saule Ryan, Carol Mendelson, Jonathan Hart-Makwaia (Roy Hart Theatre), Katharina Felice (StimmEnengetics), Gian Andrea Skarello and Anita Steiner (Mimeakademie Mainz), Gabriel Chame de Buendia (Clown),
Elias Cohen (Physical Theater and Body Weather Training).

As a musician and performer she offers contact improvisation classes, body work and voice work in different teaching formats.