…a weekend for improvised electronic music, dance and joy.
More a gathering of people sharing interests than a festival.
Lasting 2 nights and one day.

It is part of the series Raus and includes a very special countryside edition of the Groovejam.

This is for you
– if you want to listen to electronic ambient at the campfire

– if you like to dance to electronic beats

– if you want to bring your musical instruments to jam together(synths, laptop, modular, extended vocals or instruments)

– if you want to exchange with other musicians on gear, software, approaches to music

– if you are interested in bodywork, dance and mini-workshops

– if you enjoy cooking & eating vegetarian meals together

– if you want to swim in the lake, stroll through the woods


The Electronic Campfire

This night is dedicated to improvised electronic music. Instead of playing guitar and sing, we jam with machines together. Regarding our equipment: we have a PA with subwoofer, stereo.

The electronic campfire will be a mainly calm ambient jam with low volume, sounds of the nature around us will be audible. Other than these broad ideas, the jam is free and follows the improvisational flow.
If you want to join the jam, contact Gisbert so we can sort out technical requirements.


Groovejam means dancing to improvised rhythmic music. The format came into being in the context of our practice of making music for contact jams. We wanted to combine the improvisational flow with the style of dancing that you find at techno events or partys.

The Groovejam is a monthly format taking place in Berlin, this is the premiere in the country side. The dancefloor is outdoors.
The jam is open for everyone who is interested in contributing music and dance. For synchronization of the electronics we will depend on Ableton link and midi.
If you want to be part of the jam with your gear contact Gisbert so we can sort out techical questions.

Day of sharing

Different formats of sharing are scheduled for saturday:
The dance studio can be used for bodywork, movement and dance exchange.
The living room in the house is the space for exchanging on music software & gear.
The lake, the woods are there to enjoy.
If you are interested in initiating a format, do it; you may also pose a question that is interesting to you and that you would like to look at with others.
We also like to keep some spare time free for spontaneous initiatives, dance-dates or whatever.

Info & registration
+49(0)176 / 56 70 84 60


If you want to listen, dance & enjoy

room, food (including bedsheets and towel): 80 €
(70 € accomodation & food + 10 € for the music)

bring your own tent, food: 60 €
(50 € accomodation & food + 10 € for the music)

If you come as a musician

room, food (including bedsheets and towel): 60 €
(60 € accomodation & food)

bring your own tent, food: 40 €
(40 € accomodation & food)

in case you needs these in your tent:
bedsheets 5 €, towel 3 €

Straight Edge

Drug use has an impact on several music cultures, in some cases it may be productive by stimulating creativity. We are no experts on that topic and want to focus on music, dance and exchange. So if you want to explore the connections between drugs, music and dance, please do it somewhere else. Not here. Also, only vegetarian food will be used – leave your sausages in the car and eat them on your own. Coffee, cigarettes and sweets are fine though. Yes, this policy is not consistent, but this is how we do it.


is an old mill close to Schlieben in the south of Brandenburg between Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden.

Open sky, fields, forest and a little lake just beside the house make this place special.

Since spring 2016 we have a 100 m² studio with a wooden floor.

How to get there

by car from Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden it takes around 1,5 hours.

The next train station is Herzberg (Elster – not Harz!!) and from the you can cycle 15km.The bus connections are not so easy to handle. So if you arrive in groups we can pick you up from the train station by car.

Steigemühle 1
04936 Schlieben (sorry it’s only in German)