Deutschsprachige Infos Kehlgesang & Obertongesang – Gisbert Schürig

11h-16h (including breaks)

Max-Planck-Ring 66a
46049 Oberhausen

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Overtone singing and throat singing are fascinating vocal techniques, offering a wealth of interesting possibilities. By focusing on the partial tones within sound we grasp much more subtleties, almost like using an auditive microscope to enter the inner realm of our voice.

There´s a whole lot of different styles: traditional asian throat singing, meditative or experimental western overtone singing are most well-know, but it does not stop there. The first steps to overtone singing are surprisingly easy – if you can talk, you can do it. I offer a playful learning-by-doing approach, including group improvisations, soundscapes and rhythmical chant.

Gisbert Schürig began experimenting with sounds as a kid, using manual tempo manipulations on a conventional tape recorder, thus altering the pitch of recorded piano sounds, giving them a strange, surreal quality. His first encounter with overtone singing was while studying music in Cologne, 2003 he took part in Wolfgang Saus´s intensive courses. Getting into asian throatsinging subsequently, he learned a lot from Hosoo, Kolja Simon and Felix Mönnich. Apart from vocals he plays guitar and uses music software, creating sounds for dance, performance and for itself.