Body, Voice and Clay is an exploring expedition inviting joy, sensuality, trust and cooperation using your body and your voice.

Hands on and movement practices provide a grounding base for the work with the voice.

Molding with clay opens the perception for textures of sound and offers ways t visualize parts of the anatomy we use for singing.

Teaching will be in german/english.

The Workshop is part of the RAUS!!! workshop series.

Jennie Zimmermann
spent the past 15 years exploring voice work and dance in performances, especially in the field of improvisation. As former medical practitioner with focus on movement and body work she followed her passion for dance and music and got especially involved in Contact Improvisation, Roy Hart Voice Work and Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis.
Her work has been enriched and inspired by different people and teachers: Elias Cohen (Physical Theater and Body Weather Training), Jörg Hassmann and Daniel Werner, Nancy Stark Smith (Contact Improvisation), Frey Faust (Dance/Axis Syllabus), Saule Ryan, Carol Mendelson, Jonathan Hart-Makwaia, Walli Höfinger and Christiane Hommelsheim (Roy Hart Theater), Katharina Felice (StimmEnengetics), Gian Andrea Skarello and Anita Steiner (Mimeakademie Mainz), Gabriel Chame de Buendia (Clown).

As a musician and performer she offers Contact Improvisation, Bodywork and Voice Work in different teaching formats.

Friday, 19.05.
from 5pm: arrival and dinner
8pm workshop

Saturday, 20.05.
morning and afternoon workshop
evening: singing / bodywork/ free time…

Sunday, 21.05.
morning workshop
lunch and departure

Steigemühle 1
04936 Schlieben

How to get there:

By car from Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden it takes around 1,5 hours.

The next train station is Herzberg (Elster – not Harz!!) and from there you can cycle 15km.

Unfortunately the bus connections are not so easy to handle – so if you arrive in groups we can pick you up from the train station by car.

a cook will provide vegetarian, biological food – everybody will be helping out with breakfast, cutting veggies, cleaning up…

You are welcome to bring your own tent and sleeping bag for camping.

If you like to sleep in a dormitory in the house, it´s 10€ per night extra, please bring own bedsheets then.

150-130€ as you like, that includes food, accomodation and workshop.

(70€ food and accomodation, 80-60€ workshop fee)

Sleeping in the dorm is 10€ extra per night.

jennie (at)
0176 20568038