Lake Studio Berlin
Scharnweberstrasse 27
12587 Friedrichshagen
Berlin, Germany

Between the Lines #7
Installation – performance

Concept / Performance : Elma Riza
Sound: Gisbert Schürig
Duration : 2 hours

Elma Riza:

In this version visual shapes in the space sets the background for short dance-improvisations.
At the end, the existing installation will be expanded based on visual memories from specific movements. Each installation corresponds to an improvisation of 10 – 20 min.

« Between the lines » is a series of two hours installation-performances with the intention to make visible the imaginary space created momentarily “in situ”, i.e. “in each location”. The third variation focuses on the spaces in-between.

The research project brought about various issues related to the perception of space – one the one hand, an ephemeral structure in constant change; on the other hand, the transition from invisible to visible structures. A kind of imaginary cartography, made tangible by the presence of the body in the empty space (exposition space/studio) and its interaction with lines.

Part of the event “”Offene Ateliers in Friedrichshagen”