Whirling Atelier with dancer Naïma Ferré

Gisbert Schürig: electronic live music

Zeit: 15-19 Uhr

Ort: Bethanien, Mime Centrum
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

Kosten: 20 € / erm. 15 €

Anmeldung: naimaferre@laposte.net

With this Atelier, I propose to share my experience with whirling, the special practice of dervish dance. Simply put, dervish dance consists on a physical level of spinning around on oneself. The repetition of this simple and fundamental action leads us to a certain joy, and we can attempt to push our physical, mental and emotional limits.
Every child from an early age spins intuitively, attracted to the simple pleasure of the euphoria that comes from it. What happens when we lengthen this sensation, when we dive fully into this euphoric reverie?
Coming from the Sufi tradition − a spiritual branch of Islam − the dervish dance is a mystical practice with the aim of reaching ecstasy. Without putting emphasis on necessarily reaching this extreme, this specific act of whirling invites us to open up an unknown inner space by sharpening our sensory perception. Something that requires total engagement, as much physical and emotional as mental. The whirling practice proposes a dive inwards, whereby we are encouraged to increase our self-awareness and self-knowledge.
This Atelier is open to all interested persons. Previous experience is not necessary. Just come and try!