by Gisbert Schürig

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Minimal Improvisation is a framework to hold the space for exciting adventures in sound.

Keeping things simple allows cherishing the nuances which might otherwise be overheard among busy musicianship.

Here a short description of the six phases of Minimal Improvisation. Try it out, experiment, modify and enjoy:

1. Phase – Finding a Sound
Finding one sound and sticking to it

2. Phase – Sounding together
Singing, playing the respective sounds

3. Phase – Sequence of Sounds

Forming a sequence of these sounds

4. Phase – Rhythmic Pattern
Transferring the sequence to a rhythmic pattern by relating to a common pulse

5. Phase – Variation
Using the rhythmic pattern as a starting point for variation

6. Phase – Structure
Playing around with different combinations of the phases

Look here for some impressions from a workshop on Minimal Improvisation .

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