by Gisbert Schürig

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Some time ago I attended a workshop by singer Anita Daulne (Ex-ZAP MAMA). She is teaching ‘Afropean Polyphony’, that´s what she calls it, and she shared with us parts of a Pygmy song – I am sure there are many more parts to this tune originally.
Here, I made use of the two parts she taught us and arranged them for overtone and throat singing, guitar and electronics.
If you are able to conscioulsy control the partials you want to emphasize in your voice, you can try out singing this melody. As the melody consists of only four different partials and no change of fundamental is required, it´s not too difficult. The tricky part here is the polyrhythm that results from the two different parts, combining triadic and binary elements – but also, it´s so much fun, I love this constellation!

Pygmy Melody

In the last section of my arrangement, I added some chords on guitar that broaden the harmonic scope of the ‘drone & melody’ approach of overtone singing with a constant fundamental, like I did in my Overtone Etude.

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