By Gisbert Schürig

This was recorded live at the Sunday Jam April 6th, 2014 , Berlin. The Sunday Jam is a regular event for Contact Improvisation dancers. What you hear was all done in Ableton live music software, no live percussion involved. Contact Improvisation is a form of dancing that requires no music and that has no use for a steady beat as the dancers play with gravity and the physical qualities of their bodies in movement. My aim was to create a music, that has a rhythmic quality but does not force the dancers into a specific rhythmic pulse. Ambiguity and openess were crucial here.

To achieve this, I combined four different drum sounds with independent pulses. This causes constant change of the constellations of these sounds. Also, I added some delay effects, which were not synchronized to the pulses of the drums. The jazzy swing rhythm in the middle or the quasi-electro-beat at the end are results of changing the values of the pulses in an improvised manner.

To me, some interesting questions come up, which are relevant for electronic and human performed music (as we explore at Phyla with the Minimal Improvisation):

At what point do independent pulses form a rhythm?

What is the right mixture between regularity and irregularity for a rhythm to be perceived as stable but not stale?

And furthermore: what about the interaction of music and movement?

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