Gisbert Schürig

In 2021 I composed/improvised and produced for the Coronagrafien Dance Project in Berlin 2021. A collaboration with Berliner Künstler* innen Kollektiv, funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste.

“a project about urban space
dealing with the particular challenges and effects of the Covid 19 pandemic in relation to social connections and perceptions.
The work addresses the aesthetics of public space and how the pandemic has affected how we move in these spaces.”

Listen to the music here:

In the beginning of the process, there was a strict lockdown in Berlin so we rehearsed online. This is me improvising with analog synthsizers in connection with the dancers at home.

Later, we rehearsed outdoors in Parks with Frieda Gawenda, Aşkın Kırım, Eren Paydaş adding tenorhorn, trumpet and percussion. Look here for some conceptual ideas from that phase (in german).

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