by Gisbert Schürig

Poet-in-motion Aude Fondard asked me to compose music for her performance Au-delà, une poeme mouvement.

It was nice to be asked and the collaboration was a pleasure. Also, I´m pretty happy with the result.

Have a look:

Au-delà, un poème en mouvement, Making off from Oddinmotion on Vimeo.

Aude was drawing from thoughts on gender, especially on the incomensurability of concepts in this field, e. g. the presumption of a polarity of male and female. Mixing up these concepts is necessary and I like to work from that angle.

Listen to the whole track here:

The track was recorded and mixed in Ableton live, most of the synthesizer sounds generated with the Vermona Perfourmer MkII, completed with my own samples of Gamelan instruments and my Gimbri.

The wooden, earthy character of one of the ploinky bass-sounds is the result of combining these Gimbri strings with a synth sound from the Perfourmer synth.

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