by Jennie Zimmermann | Just 2 weeks ago I facilitated together with Jo Bruhn the 6th edition of Contact Time @ Steigemühle, a small, yet intense festival focussing on Contact Improvisation. It and has been a wonderful opportunity to dance and practise Contact Improvisation in the studio and in nature together with likeminded movement enthusiasts.

To fokus on specific topics a group of 30 people spend time in workshops and scores during the day, and danced in the evening in open jams. We explored “multidirectionality” in a workshop facilitated by Angela-Mara Florant, and “the breathing point of contact” with Maria Elste. Out in the woods and grasland Aude Fondard guided us through different animal states and an outdoor jam. To review material of the workshops and dig deeper into these explorations I offered an afternoon using scores as a practise to dance, observe and share experiences.

Thanks to Gisbert Schürig and Eglof Berger we had a variety of soundscapes at one evening jam. The other evening Roana Salome Falkenberg and Lui Traenkner created a magical story telling time. I think it has been a great weekend.

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