An outlook on upcoming Phyla activities in the following weeks by Gisbert Schürig:

I have the pleasure to play live improvised groove music with Vincenz Kokot at Alessandro Marogna´s Vernissage on the 9th of June at Oranienwerk.
Come along, check out Alessandro´s paintings and let our music blow your mind.

On June the 16th we take part in the Performing Arts Festival Berlin with a performance of Minimal Improvisation at Paulstudios.

The Global Water Dance is happening in many countries on the 24th of June. I´m currently rehearsing the music for the performance near Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

One day later, 25th of June I´m part of the Klangbaden crew, offering improvised music in a cozy atmosphere. No actual water involved here, just metaphorical bathing in sound.

To stay with that metaphor, Liegenundlauschen is an invitation to bath in words. Johanna Tellman reading stories by Judith Hermann, Yasmina Reza and Jackie Thomae, cozy and not so cozy sounds by Gisbert Schürig in between. When and where? 7th of July at Somatische Akademie Berlin.

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