by Gisbert Schürig

"On a clear Day? by Elma Riza" from Elma Riza on Vimeo.

Look and listen to Elma Riza´s new video, containing my electronic sounds for her work “Anamorphose #2”. This is part of her exhibition at Kunsthaus Essen which just opened last weekend and can be seen until the 5th of march.

The music consists of three independent sinewaves, two of which are generated with ableton live´s analog device, while the third was contributed by my axoloti module. This is the first time I use this device as an extension of my software setup, i´m looking forward to using it more extensive in the future.

I delegated the process of determining what to play to a combination of different maxforlive devices, beginning with Adam Florin´s patter the output of which was subtracted by dedbird´s miditax and subsequently recorded and repeated in chunks by the MidiShuffler.

Technical questions aside, the resulting mixture of silences and sound shares a lot of features with Phyla´s explorations on minimal improvisation. Looking forward to combining the approaches of human improvisation with interactive and/or algorhithmic electronic sound generation.

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