We had a great time playing at the Somextro International Symposium for New Music 2016 and hiking through Dartmoor. We spent days taking pictures and shooting video footage for Yifat Cohen´s upcoming music videos that I am currently editing. Such an awe-inspiring landscape.

The Somextro Symposium for New Music took place at the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts and we had the pleasure of performing in a great dance space with skilled and considerate technicians supporting us. We did a duo performance of minimal improvisation, using our voices and electronics. Also, we offered an introductory workshop to our work, getting people to move and sing with us.

We were not able to attend all talks/performances of the fellow musicians, but luckily could listen to american composer Anthony Green´s talk on contemporary music. Also, Chris Best performing his new composition for electric guitar, ebow and delay pedals was inspiring, especially his use of the delay to alter the spectrum of the guitar sound dramatically.

Also, we had the pleasure of meeting musicians Maurice Verheul, Raymond Honing, Luke Winkworth and of course Miriam Richter, who had made the whole event possible.


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