by Jennie Zimmermann

Last week I spend some hours exploring shape and texture of human anatomical structures with clay. Clay is a very satisfying material to work with, it is rough and soft at the same time.
To me its formable texture and density, its weight, stability and flexibility offer good conditions to dedicate myself into the dynamic shapes of anatomical architecture. Slowly I discovered and embodied the habitus of the clay and observed proportion, size and surface of a shoulderblade.
A 3 dimensional shape, a triangular flat curved bone, that is resting or gliding on a ripcage.
To me the process of producing a plastic is intense, magic and fruitful. I follow curiosity and need to sense texture and shape, relation and proportion of things or phenomena.

This research with clay goes along with my research in solo and group improvisation with sound and movement, where texture and shape, proportion, relation and reaction come up as options to experience and act on.





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