by Gisbert Schürig

Some interesting minimal improvisation performances are about to happen:

23rd of September 2016 Jennie Zimmermann, Vincenz Kokot and me will be performing in a very interesting location in Berlin. The Plattenbauvereinigung is located on Tempelhofer Feld and offers a great outlook. Our performance will take place among the exhibition of Charlotte Klink, which is part of the of Series and Cycle.

I will accompany Elma Riza´s performance Between the Lines #5 on September the 25th in Berlin with sparse electronic sounds. Like this, but even less:

On October the 28th, Jennie and me will offer a workshop and a performance of minimal improvisation at Somextro Symposium 2016. Here, we will combine live improvisation with electronics, adding new layers to the minimal improvisation concept.


4th of december we will perform minimal improvisation at Common Ground series in Tanzfabrik Berlin. The performers will be Naima Ferré, Vincenz Kokot, Jennie Zimmermann and me.

Together with Vincenz Kokot, Brigitte Haas and Ricarda Gnauck I am already preparing for an improvised performance at Improvisationstage Wetzlar in January 2017

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