by Gisbert Schürig

Here´s a new track of music for whirling recorded live last sunday, 10th of July at Blo Ateliers in Berlin. You are free to dance to it without circling around your center, but if you dare trying out the latter, you might want to join us for the next Take Off, a night dedicated to hours of whirling. You could be whirling your mind pretty soon, or, alternatively, watch others do it and listen to the live music by Jennie Zimmermann & me.

If you have got no idea what I´m talking about, have a look here:

This is what whirling looks like.
It makes a wonderful combination with traditional music, but we just love the combination with minimalist electronic beats and ocassional throat singing & other vocal extras.

Let me direct your attention back to the track ‘Mufowhir’ posted above: did you ever consider dancing to a 17/8 beat? This track proves that it´s possible – it was recorded live and the dancers never hesitated to move to the beat. Well, maybe they related to the 3/4 and 2/4 techno beats I added, so, there is some cheating involved but to me, the 17/8 rocks.

Ready for Take Off?

Take Off July 2016

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