by Gisbert Schürig

Last Saturday we did a showing of our ongoing Minimal Improvisation research at the Starving Artists Cafe at K77, Berlin, organized by Liz Erber.
The programme was pretty diverse, featuring Meltem Nil and Naïma Ferré, among others. I was impressed by ambient sounds by Ansgar Tappert, combined with hypnotic live drumming and by the gentle shift of the evening into a dance party…

Vincenz Kokot & me singing and plucking the strings of guitar & Ukulele, accompanying the choreography of people coming and going. Some Kargyraa throat singing by me, but mostly falsetto.

When I was a teenager, I was eager to become a very fast guitar player, adoring the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen. This video proves that now I am more likely to be one of the slowest guitar players ever and I´m pretty enthusiastic about it. A musical fabric that is so loose evokes associations of vulnerability, delicacy and also boredom – I´m sure I am not alone with this. Maybe most importantly, it can create sensitivity. When there is not much going on, it´s possible to have a closer look at stuff, like sound, collectively. Doing so very little as performers is an invitation to a collective ritual of sensitivity and I am thrilled to be part of that.

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