by Gisbert Schürig

Exploring Minimal Improvisation at Lake Studios Berlin with Naima Ferré, Gali Kinkulkin, Vincenz Kokot, Gisbert Schürig & Jennie Zimmermann. Recorded at February the 28th, 2016.

In this set we were especially focusing on the combination of duo dynamics in the context of group dynamics. Previously we had been looking at either one of the two possibilities exclusively, this time, we approached duo dynamics as a sub-structure within the group, thus enabling constellations of feedback loops fueling the group process.

Our questions of how to integrate both processes turned out to be no big deal, given the interrrelation and transparency of these constellations.

Being a musician and no dancer, still I found myself chiming in to the movement, which does look stiff but also proves that this work is based on constellations and not individual virtuosity. While I enjoyed this improvisation in the making, I really enjoy watching the processes unfold, taking in the qualities of sound and movement, following the subtle changes and structures created by the interactions.
This work is about sensitivity in interaction, it´s a pleasure for us to practice Minimal Improvisation, I hope you enjoy taking it in.

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