WhirlingSession2 17/1/16 ‘Cinematic Minimalism’ by Gisbert Schürig on hearthis.at

First: the second track recorded at the January Whirling Atelier in MimeCentrum Berlin. This one features less improvisation than previous tracks for whirling, it´s a variation on a short arpeggio reminiscent of some classic Minimal Music – or should i say I´m ripping off Philip Glass, Michael Nyman & Steve Reich here?
This is some kind of a guilty pleasure, it has much more pathos and less originality than my musical ideal, but I must admit it was fun to play and the dancers responded well. My inspiration came from the often dramatic and manipulative film scores of the action/sci-fi/fantasy stuff I love to watch, especially Spiderman and Godzilla. Both share repetitive orchestral patterns, creating an atmosphere of urgency and hysteria. My take on this atmosphere is far less complex, creating some – haha – simplistic grandeur. I´m glad I managed to mix this with some chilled hip hop beats and finally translate the orchestral patterns into Tangerine Dream-alike endless synth meandering…

WhirlingSession1 17/01/16 by Gisbert Schürig on hearthis.at

Second track of live electronic music for the of whirling dancers in MimeCentrum January the 17th. Like the track above, this one is less improvised than my other tracks for whirling. Some of the irregular percussion patterns are inspired by Golomb ruler sets and then there is the bouncing metronome max4live device making decreasing and increasing pulses.
Some percussion samples feature Göttin Gala´s marvelous scrap metal drumkit, other sound samples are recordings of one Kalimba from the big Kalimba collection of fellow overtone singer Lothar Berger.

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