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An opportunity to share and discuss aspects of the whirling practice – it´s aesthetics, it´s physicality, mind-altering qualities of experiences it offers, philosophical associations; also, it´s connections to a specific religious and/or mythical tradition, the Sufi Dervishes.

How to define an approach to whirling, that is not embedded in this tradition but only refers to that as one among many other sources?

What is it good for, this whirling practice?

If you are concerned about any of these topics you are very much invited to share your views.
There will be tea and snacks and a lot of – hopefully – productive discourse.

If you want to come please email: info@phyla.info

And don´t miss the opportunity to take part in Naïma Ferré´s WhirlingAtelier on the 16th of May – one day before!

Naïma Ferré, dance & host of a monthly WhirlingAtelier
Karim Sadek, philosophy
Givanni Pirari, philosophy
Jana Korb, aerial arts

Gisbert Schürig


La Vida Verde
Sophienstr 35
10317 Berlin

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