by Gisbert Schürig

These are three tracks of live electronic music I improvised for Elma Riza´s performance ‘Between the Lines#4’.

Recorded live Feb 21st 2015 ACUD Galerie, Berlin

Use speakers or headphones, you won´t hear much with your laptop boxes, especially in the beginning.

That software setup of Ableton live I used here was very similar to when playing for ‘Between the Lines#4’ at Carte Blanche Series earlier this month.

While I was very concerned about structural aspects of music when making up the software setup in use here, I notice that as these questions are solved by now, my attention during performance is shifting very much to the actual qualities of the sounds that come up and that the underlying structural framework becomes quiet blurred and indiscernable.

The approach to improvisation I am taking is pretty much informed by the process of minimal improvisation by Jennie Zimmermann and me and of course the many influences that went into shaping this process.

For comparison, listen to my music for whirling, a much more rhythmical usage of a quiet similar setup.

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