by Gisbert Schürig

Improvised electronic music for the performance ‘Between the Lines#4’ by Elma Riza, performed and recorded Feb/8/2015 at Carte Blanche series, curated by Naima Ferré.

I performed both tracks using Ableton live, utilizing modified max for live devices recurring to ideas of the minimal improvisation process (if you can read german, see also Minimal Improvisation als Patternkompositionsprozess).

Thanks a lot to Ivehon, who provided a very useful parameter sequencer, and to nonagon who developed a very nice real time midi quantizer – both devices enabling me to seamlessly shift between open/floating and structured/rhythmical approaches to musical time. Yeah, what a blast!

Also thanks a lot to Elma Riza and Naima Ferré, it´s such a pleasure to perform in these calm and playful spaces.

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