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“Ich kann kein Russisch”

by Jennie Zimmermann “Ich kann kein Russisch” (I don´t speak russian) deutscher Text weiter untenInstallation with string instrument (Kokle/Gusli/Kantele), tape and tape recorder, pens, DadaMachines, Ableton live, microphone stands.(phyla, Jennie Zimmermann/Gisbert Schürig, 2020) I started learning russian with my grandma when I was 9 years old. I didn’t learn much, but there is still a    […]

Music for Au-delà

by Gisbert Schürig Poet-in-motion Aude Fondard asked me to compose music for her performance Au-delà, une poeme mouvement. It was nice to be asked and the collaboration was a pleasure. Also, I´m pretty happy with the result. Have a look: Au-delà, un poème en mouvement, Making off from Oddinmotion on Vimeo. Aude was drawing from    […]