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Gisbert Schürig @ Keller III Hannover 29 April 2017

Gisbert Schürig performing live electronic music at Keller III in Hannover. Thanks to mysistergrenadine for the invitation to play as supporting act! time 20:00 location Keller III Weidendamm 28 30167 Hannover What to expect? Listen to generative study (for jennie zimmermann) byGisbert Schürig on

String Quartett arrangement for Yifat Cohen

by Gisbert Schürig One of the pleasures of working with Yifat Cohen was being asked to arrange a string quartett. I never did this before and it wasn´t on my to do list, but it was great fun doing it. I especially enjoyed writing the instrumental interlude. Listen to the whole track on Yifat´s bandcamp.    […]

“On a clear Day” at Kunsthaus Essen

by Gisbert Schürig "On a clear Day? by Elma Riza" from Elma Riza on Vimeo. Look and listen to Elma Riza´s new video, containing my electronic sounds for her work “Anamorphose #2”. This is part of her exhibition at Kunsthaus Essen which just opened last weekend and can be seen until the 5th of march.    […]