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Mnemozyn Fields Photographs

by Gisbert Schürig Jennie Zimmermann performed at the Mnemozyn Fields, a collectiv & soli Impro-butoh Performance set by La Clique de BAtifuls (Adrien Gaumé) Here are some photographs I shot during the performance. If you have been there and also have pictures to share please post a comment below.

Mnemozyn Fields Berlin 5. April 2014

by Gisbert Schürig Jennie Zimmermann will be taking part in the Butoh Performance Mnemozyn Fields choreographed by Adrien Gaumé. The performance is on April, 5th 2014.

Collaboration with Davide “Martinezzz” Martino

by Gisbert Schürig I did a recording session with virtuoso percussionist Davide “Martinezzz” Martino, doing some throat singing and overtone singing for him. He is a great player, it was a pleasure recording with him. Here is a snippet of his upcoming album: Visit Davide´s website for more info about his work.

Overtone Etude

by Gisbert Schürig A short piece with overtone singing and guitar. I composed this after looking at chordal structures in the overtone scale and demonstrating how to sing these as overtone arpeggios. Especially the augmented chordal structures are inspired by that, I did not use these for quite a long time. I like the shady    […]

Impressions from the Minimal Improvisation Workshop

by Gisbert Schürig Link zur Deutschen Version Some Impressions of the Minimal Improvisation Workshop by Jennie Zimmermann and me last weekend. We had two days full of bliss and great music, looking forward to the next workshops. Many thanks to Barbara who shot these pictures (video will follow)!

Impressionen vom Workshop Minimal Improvisation

von Gisbert Schürig Link to the English Version Hier ein paar Momentaufnahmen vom Workshop Minimal Improvisation letztes Wochenende. Wir hatten zwei wundervolle Tage gemeinsam, voller Intensität, Genuss und interessanten Klängen und freuen uns auf die kommenden Workshops. Ein dickes Dankeschön an Barbara, die die Aufnahmen gemacht hat!