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music for whirling

Electronics & Throat singing from Take Off

TAKE OFF (ACUD) 1 by Gisbert Schürig on This is the first part of live electronics for the Take Off Whirling night November 14th 2015 at ACUD, Berlin. Nearly one and a half hours of improvised electronic music plus voice, especially throat singing by myself. No editing. Enjoy.

Recycled cycles for circlers

WhirlingSession2 17/1/16 ‘Cinematic Minimalism’ by Gisbert Schürig on First: the second track recorded at the January Whirling Atelier in MimeCentrum Berlin. This one features less improvisation than previous tracks for whirling, it´s a variation on a short arpeggio reminiscent of some classic Minimal Music – or should i say I´m ripping off Philip Glass,    […]

Electronic Whirling Atelier Series 2016

by Gisbert Schürig Every other month I will be playing live electronic music at Naima Ferré´s Whirling Atelier. Listen here to previous sets for whirling dates & times: 17/1 – 16:00-19:00 20/3 – 17:00-20:00 15/5 – 16:00-19:00 10/7 – 16:00-19:00 The Whirling Atelier with dancer Naïma Ferré offers a unique space to try out the    […]

2 hours of music from ‘Take Off’

Take Off by Gisbert Schürig on Improvised Electronic music for ‘Take Off – a night of whirling and minimal improvisation’. Recorded live April 18th at Mime Centrum, Bethanien, Berlin. I improvised this set supporting dancers spinning around their axis for hours, inspired by the whirling tradition of sufi dervishes. The set was preceded by    […]

Why whirl? Join the discourse

Photo: Luca S An opportunity to share and discuss aspects of the whirling practice – it´s aesthetics, it´s physicality, mind-altering qualities of experiences it offers, philosophical associations; also, it´s connections to a specific religious and/or mythical tradition, the Sufi Dervishes. How to define an approach to whirling, that is not embedded in this tradition but    […]

Aerial whirling research

Researching the possibilities of aerial whirling – Jennie Zimmermann and Jana Korb in action. A lot of possibilities are popping up, let´s see where this will lead us… The music was created in Ableton live, using my new self-made Max for Live-devices, more on that later.

Minimalist electronic music for whirling

Repetitive music for the repetitive movements of whirling. Recorded at Naïma Ferré´s ‘Whirling Atelier’, Tatwerk Berlin, 4/11/15. Unlike the other tracks for whirling this one was edited. The track was improvised together with vocal loops by Jennie Zimmermann and live percussion by Sebastian Flaig, both were not recorded. The remaining track is pretty minimalist, very    […]

Take Off Whirling night coming next weekend

Only one week until whirling for hours and hours into the night… Yeah! time: 23:00-04:00 (open doors at 22:30) costs: 15 – 30 € (sliding scale) location: Mime Centrum Kunstquartier Bethanien Mariannenplatz 2 10997 Berlin info: 0157 34029858 WHIRLING Explore continuous repetitive movement around your own center. Every child from an early age spins    […]

New music for whirling

Three tracks of repetitive electronic music recorded at Naïma Ferré´s Whirling Atelier, Kunstquartier Bethanien, March, 8th 2015. It was great to play while the dancers were circling around, looking very much forward to the next time! The sounds and the setup I used are very similar to the sets for whirling I did before and    […]